Our Work

Assessing the Evidence Base (AEB)

Under contract with SAMHSA, DMA was part of the team that developed a series of articles entitled “Assessing the Evidence Base for Behavioral Health Services,” for publication in Psychiatric Services. The goal was to provide a framework for decision makers as well as consumers and their families with an assessment of the level of research evidence in support of the effectiveness of a range of mental health and substance use treatment services being considered for inclusion in reimbursable services under health care reform. The DMA team worked with project partners and national experts to conduct extensive literature reviews and summarize findings for six service areas: intensive case management, skill building, consumer family psychoeducation, substance abuse intensive outpatient services, trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy for children and adolescents, and peer recovery support in substance abuse treatment. In addition to providing lead authorship on the introduction to the series, DMA coordinated the efforts of content experts across the country and co-authored the other articles in the series, which include peer support for persons with serious mental illnesses, behavioral management for children and adolescents, recovery housing, residential treatment for individuals with substance use disorders, permanent supportive housing, medication assisted treatment with methadone, and medication assisted treatment with buprenorphine.

2011 - 2014