Practice Areas


DMA Health Strategies emphasizes the use of data and stakeholder input to assess unmet behavioral health needs and guide strategic planning for providers and behavioral health systems.

DMA Health Strategies has assisted community providers, hospitals and state agencies to design innovative behavioral health programs based on recovery principles and drawing upon evidence-based practices. We collaborate to draft winning proposals and are available to assist in implementation.

DMA Health Strategies assists states, counties, the District of Columbia, and SAMHSA to analyze current policies, identify options for reform or restructuring, and formulate revisions to make best use of resources and meet client needs.

DMA Health Strategies supports community providers in building their capacity to deliver effective services. We assess readiness and developmental needs, and design systematic steps for organizational development, with attention to culture change, workforce preparation, and financial sustainability.

DMA Health Strategies has long been a leader in the use of performance measures to monitor and evaluate behavioral health systems. We employ such measures while also centering qualitative input from clients and program stakeholders when we facilitate performance improvement projects and evaluate programs.